10 Modified Shipping Container Ideas

shipping container uses

Shipping containers are more than just a way to get your goods from point A to point B. They can make for great temporary shipping container storage or an excellent home, depending on the situation. The use of shipping containers is growing at an exponential rate with many companies around the world using them for…

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How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Construction

Constuction site to reduce environmental impact of construction.

On a global scale, the construction industry is one of the highest environmentally damaging, with large mining and construction projects posing significant negative impacts on the surrounding environment. This can be everything from the processes used in mining materials, the disturbance to surrounding flora and fauna and waste products produced and disposed of. As the…

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Animal Husbandry in Australia: Best Practices

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is an area of agriculture that involves the breeding and care of farm animals. Animals are raised to produce food and other products for human consumption, including meat, milk, eggs, fibres and other products. There are different types of animals that are farmed, including poultry, cattle, fish and insects. Employing the best animal…

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8 Tips For Successfully Starting Your Truck Transport Company

Truck Transport Company

Like most businesses, establishing a truck transport company requires patience, a clear strategy and substantial investment. A trucking business has a high growth potential; however, its market is also quite competitive. This is why a lot of people wanting to build a truck transport company do not always succeed. What usually happens is that very…

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Types of Mining Trucks & Equipment

Mining companies of all sizes can run into problems if they aren’t using modern equipment, such as robust and effective mining trucks and blasting tools. Investing in high-quality machinery can yield superior results and overall higher financial returns. This article outlines the most notable types of mining trucks, tools, and equipment necessary to run a successful mining operation.…

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The Best Truck Shows Australia Has to Offer in 2020

When it comes to truck shows, Australian truck enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. We’ve rounded up the best Australian truck shows coming up in 2020, including dates, locations as well as what you can expect to see. Bring up your calendar and let’s explore the Australian truck shows we can look forward to in 2020. Perth Tradie…

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Broadacre Farming: What Is It and How Do You Practice It?

Broadacre farming is a term you hear primarily in Australia. It is different than traditional farming in a few key ways such as the need to bring in a large support staff and the use of specialised technology. Done correctly, broadacre farming can be an excellent investment for your farm. We’ll talk about what it…

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Guide to Cross Country Trucking in Australia

Cross country trucking has many positives. You get to travel, see the great Australian landscape, and feel part of a community. However, cross country trucking can be dangerous, challenging and expensive when mistakes are made. Presently, there is a high demand for truck drivers in Australia. Australia is experiencing a shortage of truck drivers, with…

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Top Uses for Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy duty tarps are used for a variety of applications, commonly in the transport, building, mining and construction industries. Heavy duty tarps are made from building grade materials, such as canvas or high-density polyethylene. The type of tarp fabric used is dependant upon the size and use of the heavy duty tarp. If you are…

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Benefits of Tenacitex Load Restraint Curtains

Tenacitex loose sleeve load restraint curtains are the best truck curtains available on the market both in Australia and internationally. Manufactured by Melbourne based company Polyweld, this space-age webbing provides many benefits to the trucking industry, from improved safety to time and cost savings. Bee Jays Canvas are the exclusive suppliers of Tenacitex load restraint…

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