Hay Tarps

Inland Hay Tarping System

Hay Tarps or Hay Bale Covers, are essential to protect one of your major assets from the elements during storage. Bee Jays have been providing customised Hay Tarping solutions to the Australian Hay Industry for over 30 years. We understand how important it is to supply a cost-effective product for your hay storage, which is heavy duty and weather proof.

Our unique Inland Hay Tarping Systems are proven to be successful and easy to use. The tarps are custom made in various sizes to suit your requirements.

Our Hay Tarp Systems are fully transportable and include:

  • Round bail covers
  • Square bail covers
  • End walls
  • Side walls
  • Underlays
  • Webbing mats
  • Ropes
  • Sinches

Benefits of Tarping

• Provides better protection from the elements reducing discolouration while ensuring nutrient value remains high.

• Safe and quick to erect, while also providing easy access when ready to use.

• More cost effective than shedding.

• Round Bale Tarping located in paddocks close to gates provide easy access and flexibility, drastically reducing transport costs.

• Stacking configurations are achieved with existing on-farm lifting and handling equipment.

Hay Tarp Selection Table

Hay Tarp Selection Made Easy

• The Stack Configurations detailed above are recommendations only and based on True Bale Size. Actual measurement of the stack is recommended.

• To calculate the required tarp lengths, measure the Stack and add 4” or 1220mm. This allows the Tarp to fold over the Stack ends. Standard Tarp length is 48ft or 14.63 metres.

• Instructions for easy Tarp installation are available on request.

Contact Bee Jays Canvas today, to discuss your requirements.