Bee Jays Canvas Co. Perth

Welcome to Bee Jays Canvas Co, your trusted tarpaulin manufacturer. For the past 30 years we have developed an outstanding reputation for providing Perth and surrounds with support and solutions to the transport industry.

Proudly Western Australian owned and operated, Bee Jays Canvas Co produces all types of tarpaulin covers for various sectors such as road transport, rural and general industries.

We use state of the art technologies and techniques ensuring a superior quality product.

Products and Services we provide:

  • Mobile repairs
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Hire tarps
  • Side curtains
  • Taut-liner
  • Insulated curtains
  • Load restraint curtains
  • Road Train Sign covers
  • DG signs
  • DG sign holders
  • Bulk heads
  • Container tarps
  • Roll tarps
  • Wind out tarps
  • Side to side tarps
  • Tarpoons
  • Truck tarps
  • General tarps
  • Canvas tarps
  • Pvc tarps
  • Sand tarps
  • Dome shelters
  • Industrial curtains
  • Sliding curtains
  • Dividing curtains
  • Covers
  • Bin covers
  • Hay tarps