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Sometimes you need to transport goods in an open-topped shipping container. When these circumstances arise, you can understandably be worried about your goods reaching their destination safely, without any damage.

At Bee Jays, we manufacture the highest-quality shipping container tarps right here in Perth to take care of all your goods transportation needs.

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Custom-made shipping container tarps

We understand that every customer is different. This is why we consult with you to find out all your requirements before custom-making your shipping container covers just for you.

Designed to fit either a 40-foot or 20-foot container, our all-Australian-made container covers are strong, durable, and reliable enough to cope with the heavy demands of international shipping. Your goods will be thoroughly protected and arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Whatever your requirements, we can produce custom container tarps just for you, offering your goods all the protection they need.

Container covers that are strong, durable, and built to last

Some shipping container covers are too flimsy to do the job they have been designed for. This is not the case at Bee Jays! We have complete confidence in our container tarps because we only use the highest-quality materials. Our tarps are made from Australian transport-grade PVC, which has been designed with special technology to prevent rips occurring in any direction.

We make sure that our container covers can withstand a huge variety of circumstances and conditions. They have reinforced eyelets to make sure they stay in position while in transit, and our material is fire-retardant, giving you complete peace of mind.

In addition, the top-quality PVC we use is resistant to rot and mildew, even if the container tarp is rolled up wet in between uses.

For the final touch, we make sure our container covers are extremely easy to clean and maintain — we know you’re busy, and you don’t want to spend your precious time taking care of an item you will need to use so regularly. We put a special coating on the material which is resistant to dirt and makes our container tarps quick and easy to wipe or hose clean.

All these qualities combined create a container tarp which will last you for many years, solving all your goods transportation problems and giving you absolute confidence.

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