PVC Tarps

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic polymer known for its durability and chemical resistance. It is utilised for making a range of products like pipes, floors, and, of course, PVC tarpaulins.

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PVC tarpaulin material is an all-around product well suited to fulfil various protective functions — whether you require protection from dust, dirt, or the elements or wish to secure your cargo.

You can use PVC tarps to cover furniture and painting assets during renovations, keep dust and dirt away from your valuables, or secure and protect cargo or merchandise during transportation.

Bee Jays Canvas is your go-to maker and supplier for all your PVC tarpaulin needs. We not only supply heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin but also make custom PVC tarps to suit your exact specifications.

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Why Choose PVC

A PVC tarp can easily last for more than 15 years. This is why many people consider PVC tarpaulins the best all-around tarps. PVC tarps are not only cost-effective but are also:

  • Water-, UV-, and mildew-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Tough and long-wearing
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Easy to store (just fold or roll and put away)

PVC Tarp Composition

PVC tarps are made of high-density, cross-woven polyethylene or plastic films like polyester canvas, fibreglass, nylon, and vinyl. The polyethylene material is then laminated and sheeted with polyethylene laminate. The inside of PVC tarps is constructed from loosely woven strips of polyethylene plastic, and the outside is made of sheets that are joined together.

Depending on the purpose, you can use either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets.

PVC sheets can be covered with materials like nylon or cotton to make them look better and add a layer of protection from the elements.

To ensure PVC tarps last for a long time, the sheets feature UV protection. This means PVC tarpaulins can block UV light. This not only ensures the durability of PVC tarpaulin material but also protects whatever cargo or products lay underneath it from the harsh rays of the sun.

PVC fabric is also mildew-resistant, making it almost impossible to tear or puncture. Because of these qualities, PVC is extremely versatile and comes with a range of uses, from protecting homes to securing valuable cargo being transported.

With Bee Jays Canvas, you not only have the option to get your PVC tarps customised.  You’re also assured of getting high-quality, long-wearing PVC tarpaulin material. So if you’re searching for PVC tarps for sale, look no further than Bee Jays Canvas.

What to Look for in PVC Tarps

How can you tell a good PVC tarp from a bad one? The fabric used to make PVC tarpaulin material must be strong and long-lasting. It should also feel firm yet pleasant to the touch. It should be able to easily stretch and bend with the hands. The tarp should be free from holes and yet be able to allow air to flow freely within the covered space. Since PVC tarps possess high tensile strength and are made to weather the elements, you can depend on them to secure and protect all types of products or materials for a really long time.

Uses of PVC Tarps

Being the long-wearing and versatile protective material that they are, PVC tarpaulins are used in various industries and fulfil different functions:

  • Temporary covering for roofs and materials or transport loads against the rain, sunlight, hail and strong winds
  • Campsite, work site, or construction site protection
  • Covering the bottom of a newly constructed pond
  • Protection and covering for roofs, event venues, etc

Because of their versatility, PVC tarps are popularly used in industries like trucking, agriculture, and mining.

In the construction sector, in particular, some of their most common uses include covering and protecting the site for making beams, during the waterproofing of structures, and providing reliable cover for various equipment, extra tools, and materials.

Custom PVC Tarps

Although PVC tarps are tough products in and of themselves, we know that each customer has a purpose in mind for ordering PVC tarpaulins. In some instances, typical PVC tarpaulin material may not cut it due to sizing, load, or space requirements.

Our solution: custom PVC tarps.

This means you can come to us with your unique PVC tarpaulin material requirements and we’ll fabricate the exact PVC tarps you need.

PVC Tarps by Bee Jays Canvas Co

Times are tough, and so is the weather.

To ensure you get quality PVC tarpaulin material that’ll serve its purpose for a really long time, entrust all your PVC tarp requirements to Bee Jays Canvas.

We’ve been in business since the 1980s.

Aside from manufacturing tarpaulins from a range of materials, we also make dome covers, Airtabs, and the patented Strap N Go Load Restraint System for trucks and trailers.

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