Polyethylene Tarps

Polyethylene is a lightweight and heavy-duty tarp material that is used for a variety of applications from covering outdoor furniture to protecting equipment during construction projects. Being a lighter tarp fabric than canvas tarps or PVC tarps, polyethylene tarps are also an economical choice for those who need a weather-resistant tarp that is not too heavy and difficult to handle.


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Why Choose Polyethylene Tarps

  • Polyethylene is one of the most versatile tarp fabrics available.
  • Poly tarps are durable, strong, and offer complete water protection.
  • Polyethylene is also UV resistant, so it will not fade in the sun or become brittle over time.
  • Poly tarps are available in a variety of weights and thicknesses, so you can choose the right tarp for your needs.
  • Poly tarps are also easy to clean - just hose them down with water.

Polyethylene Tarp Composition

Polyethylene tarps are made of two layers of polyethylene with a woven scrim in the middle, which is why you may often hear it referred to as a poly woven tarp. Poly tarps come in both low-density and high-density options depending on your chosen application. At Bee Jays Canvas Co, all poly tarps are created bespoke for your individual needs. Therefore they are also available in a variety of colours and sizes to accommodate any heavy-duty tarping need you may have.

Poly Tarp Applications

Polyethylene tarp material is known for its versatility. Poly tarps are often used as all-purpose tarps, transport tarps, construction tarps, and agricultural tarps among other applications. Our polyethylene tarps are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and weights to accommodate any tarping need you may have. Some specific applications include:

  • Asset protection, for example covering machinery stored outdoors.
  • Attaching to shipping contains for use as a dome cover.
  • For use as floor covering.
  • On truck beds to cover water-sensitive loads.
  • Industrial curtains to create different sections in a workshop or open space.
  • As an emergency roof repair solution and much more.

At Bee Jays Canvas Co, our team is here to provide you with a bespoke tarping solution. Whether you need a tarp to protect against the elements or are looking for a simple ground cover solution, we’ll have a product from our tarp range to suit you. Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your unique requirements for poly tarps and covers.

Custom Poly Tarp Solutions For All Industries

Poly tarps are used across a variety of different industries. We work with companies in the agricultural, manufacturing, construction, and many other industries to create heavy-duty custom tarping solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Our Welshpool warehouse is well equipped to handle all sorts of sizes, making finding the right fit for your needs as easy as possible. We also take care of any tarp repairs and maintenance services, with mobile repairs available upon request.

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Our warehouse is based in Western Australia, however, that doesn't stop us from providing heavy-duty tarps to different companies all across the country.  If you're ready to place your order, simply fill out our quick and easy online form and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible to help you place your order.

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