Airtabs are a winner!………….Why?

  • Increase your fuel economy by up to 6%
  • Reduce carbon emissions – protecting the environment!
  • Increased vehicle stability – reducing tyre wear and side curtain flap.
  • Increased driver safety – helps reduce driver fatigue.
  • Cleaner vehicles / trailers – helps to keep off dirt meaning less cleaning & maintenance.

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What are Airtabs?

  • Airtab is a product designed to reduce fuel consumption by altering, controlling and smoothing airflow around a vehicle.
  • Airtabs are unique “VORTEX GENERATORS”. They are small, lightweight, and are made from White automotive grade polymer which can be painted to suit.
  • Airtabs are an attractive product that has been designed by AERODYNAMIC EXPERTS to give optimum performance.
  • Over the past few years they have been tested and proven over millions of road miles in the USA and CANADA. Enduring extremes of climatic conditions they have proved to be durable, long lasting and maintenance free.

How do they work?

Each Airtab produces TWO counter-rotating vortices which lift to around 5 times the height of the Airtab. When they are positioned in a row the resulting vortices spin off each other, energising themselves and keeping them active for longer. You can view the video explaining the Airtabs at here. 

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Rear of the vehicle

Whilst manufacturers have made significant progress in the streamlining of vehicle fronts, the rear of the body has, on the whole, remained unchanged. Air rushes down the sides and over the roof of a moving vehicle.

At the rear, the air from the sides rolls across the back of the vehicle. The air leaving the roof at the rear also rolls down the back. The result is a high degree of turbulence, which acts as drag pulling back the vehicle. The only way to overcome and compensate for this is to use more energy(fuel).

Airtab helps to reduce this drag effect by spinning the air as it leaves the rear of the vehicle. Each vortex lasts several feet in length, keeping the airflow controlled and restricting it from becoming turbulent. This allows the vehicle to move forward more easily as it encounters less drag. The result is a  reduction in required energy(fuel) to maintain the required speed.

The technical and practical advantages of Airtab have been recognised by both NASA and the Space Foundation and the product was inducted into the Space Technology “Hall of Fame” in 2009, one of only 64 products worldwide to achieve this accolade.


Gap between truck and trailer

This area is a significant contributor to aerodynamic drag. If fitted, Air Dams and Skirts on tractor units can improve airflow, but due to operational requirements it is impossible to close the gap completely. Even with the most sophisticated aerodynamic kits an amount of air finds its way into the gap causing drag.

Airtab works on standard truck units, and in concert with air deflector kits if fitted. Positioned down the rear edges and across the top of the cab or deflector, Airtab lifts and spins the air significantly bridging the gap between truck and trailer. This reduces the turbulent air between the two so less drag is created resulting in a reduction of energy(fuel) to maintain the required speed.

How many do I need?

Contact Bee Jays for the professional answer to this question. One Airtab is needed per 100mm down the sides and over the top of the Truck/Trailer e.g. a 2.5 metre high trailer will require approximately 75 Airtabs.

Other applications include;

  • Curtain Siders/Side Curtains
  • Wheels and Wheel Arches
  • Pick-ups/Utes
  • Trailers
  • Chassis Cabs fitted with Bodies
  • Pantechs
  • Rear of Trailers in front of Leading Axles
  • Caravans
  • Light Bars on Emergency Vehicles
  • Trucks/Prime Movers
  • Vehicle Cabs and Panel Vans
  • RV's
  • Roof Racks and on roof loads

How to order and arrange installation

Please contact the professional team at Bee Jays in Welshpool WA for a consultation and quote for fitment of your Airtab requirements. Bookings are essential.