Bulkhead Partitions

Need to transport loads at different temperatures? Movable bulkhead partitions are great as they are able to separate your truck into different load areas.

Need to create a zone that is cooler? Insulated bulkheads are used to create multi-temp zones in your truck trailer to protect temperature sensitive cargo, and to increase cooling efficiency. It is the ideal solution for transporting frozen, refrigerated, and/or dry products.

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Types of bulkhead partitions

Bee Jays Canvas supplies and manufacturers a variety of different bulkhead partitions to suit your needs.

Whether you require a bulkhead partition for a trailer, semi-trailer bulkheads, truck or van bulkhead partitions, Bee Jays Canvas is able to create something bespoke to suit your needs. We don’t just focus on large vehicles, our team is also able to create insulated bulkheads for refrigerated trailers.

Your options are endless!

Features of Bee Jays Canvas bulkhead partitions

Our custom bulkhead partitions are durable and made to last a long time. Plus, the thermal barrier in insulated bulkheads prevents cool air from escaping ensuring that your load stays the optimal temperature that you require.

We are also able to manufacture bulkhead partitions for a variety of vehicles, so you can ensure that your bulkhead partition is custom to suit your needs. Did we mention they also come lightweight and are super easy to install yourself when required?

Benefits of using a bulkhead partition

Bulkhead partitions can help you or your company maintain optimum efficiency. By creating different temperature zones you are not only transporting your whole load in one vehicle but you are also saving energy by only cooling what is required.

When using a bulkhead partition you are also cutting down on cross-contamination, allowing for the transportation of a variety of loads that would normally be separate all in one vehicle. Not only does it save time and money but this is also a lot better for the environment.

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Bee Jays Canvas not only creates bulkhead partitions for you to transport your loads. For all your bespoke canvas and PVC tarps to order, please get in contact with our friendly team or visit our Perth Warehouse, to discuss your requirements.

Bulkhead partition FAQs