Mining & Industrial Tarps

At Bee Jays Canvas Co, we manufacturer commercial grade tarps that are suitable for industrial, engineering and mining applications. Our industrial tarps are made from PVC or poly fabric, a heavy-duty tarp that is durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

We can create bespoke industrial tarp to suit your project, some examples of the industrial tarps we can create are:

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Workshop/Warehouse Curtains

Heavy-duty warehouse curtains also known as factory partitions can be used in warehouses and factories as an alternative to permanent walls.

Factory partitions allow you to divide production areas and create more usable space without the high cost of permanent walls. For example, you can section off your workshop to have wash bay areas, sandblasting, prep areas, spray booths, welding bays, climate control areas and clean rooms.

Having the ability to create different work areas, creates a safer facility for employees and visitors as well as helps to protect your assets.

Industrial door curtains are particularly handy if you are leasing a space but still need to customise it to suit your production needs. They are also useful if you are subleasing to reduce your overheads. Another key advantage of industrial door curtains is their movability, which is useful if you need to alter your plant layout.

Custom Industrial Curtains

We can create custom industrial curtains to suit your requirements. We will ensure that your custom industrial curtains are made from the material that will suit your facility. For example, you may need access doors and viewing windows in your warehouse curtains. We offer both fixed and sliding warehouse divider curtains depending on your needs. We can also customise the curtains to sit below your gantry, so it can still be used without disruption.

A massive bonus with using industrial door curtains in your facility is that they are easy to install and there is no need for building council approval, permits, contractors, or plant shutdowns.

Industrial Tarp Repairs

All our tarp fabrics are repairable at our Perth Workshop. Repairing tarps is much more cost effective than replacing your tarp entirely. Another benefit of getting your tarp repaired is that it’s much faster than getting a new one manufactured, which can reduce your down time.

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