StrapNGo Load Restraint Systems

Bee Jays are the exclusive Western Australian suppliers of the innovative StrapNGo Load Restraint System, a patented system developed and manufactured in Australia. This load restraint system is the answer to reducing load times and increasing freight security in tautliner trucks and trailers.

What Is a StrapNGo Load Restraint System?

The StrapNgo Load Restraint System is used to easily and safely secure freight side curtains on both rigids and trailers. The load restraint system consists of ratchet straps that run along aluminium tracks with rollers and elastic cables.


The straps come down the sides of the truck, where they can be easily adjusted to fit the size of the freight. Load restraint systems work in combination with side curtains to keep freight safe and secure.

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What Are The Benefits of a StrapNGo Load Restraint System

Easy Loading

The StrapNGo Load Restraint System allows loads to be secured  from the side of the vehicle with minimal labour. No need for throwing straps over the load or climbing into the load area to position the straps properly. It’s as easy as sliding the load resistant strap across to the desired position and tightening the ratchet.

Reduces Injury & Accident

Since the driver does not need to climb into the truck or throw ratchet straps over a load, the risk of injury and accidents occurring are significantly reduced.

Safe & Secure Loads

Loads need to secured properly to reduce the chance of injury to others on the road and to keep the freight intact. In Australia, there are strict guidelines that ensure loads are properly restrained. The StrapNGo Load Restraint System complies strictly to these standards.

Increased Productivity

The ease and secureness of this load restraint system helps to dramatically increase  the speed of strapping down a load. Not only can you load and unload freight in a more efficient manner with less manual labour, there is also the economic benefits of a load that arrives intact.

Durable Materials

StrapNGo load restraints are made from the highest quality materials, including lightweight aluminium tracks, stainless-steel rollers with ball bearings and solid Teflon wheels. These components are rust-resistant meaning they will last a long time before needing to be replaced.

Customised Load Restraint System

At Bee Jays we understand that each truck/trailer body is different and has different loads. We can customise your load restraint system to fit your unique needs. Straps can be modified to fit the height of the rigid/trailer hence making it easier for your forklift operator to load the freight without the straps being stuck under the pallets.

Delivery & Installation

We supply and fit StrapNGo Load Resistant Systems throughout Western Australia. If you are located in Perth metropolitan area, Bee Jays can install at their Welshpool factory or onsite at your premises (at additional cost).

StrapNGo Frequently Asked Questions

How does the StrapNGo load restraint system work?

The strap n go system consists of aluminium tracks with rollers and elastic cables that connect to the inside roof. 50mm Ratchet straps run along the aluminium tracks which allow you to slide them to adjust their location along the load. To adjust, all you need to do is slide the restraint straps with the hook pole to your desired position. Once in place, pull down the ratchet strap then tighten it and your load is all good to go!

Does the StrapNGo system come with a warranty?

Yes at Bee Jays Canvas, every product comes with a warranty. The manufacturer's warranty for the StrapNGo system is 3 years. Rest assured if you experience any issues, the team at Bee Jays Canvas will be able to help you out.

How much does the StrapNGo load restraint system cost?

The cost of the StrapNGo system varies depending on the number of components required. Each unit is designed to cover two pallets across, so the amount you require generally will depend on how many pallets your truck fits. Get in contact with the team and we’ll be able to provide you with a custom quote based on the size of your vehicle and the load types you transport.

Why do I need the StrapNGo load restraint system?

The StrapNGo system drastically reduces load time. Gone are the days where you need to throw your straps over the load and climb onto it to secure the straps in place. With StrapNGo, you can simply slide your straps into your desired place with a hook. Not only is this load restraint system safer for the truck driver, but it also ensures a safe and secure load whilst on the road. Because the ratchet straps are attached to the truck you are also less likely to lose them.

Lastly and equally most important is the safety aspect. You don't have to throw your strap over your load which protects shoulders and you don’t have to climb on your loads to get the straps in the correct position.

How do I fit a StrapNGo load restraint system?

Bee Jays Canvas have a workshop located at 77 Dowd Street Welshpool which is specifically equipped for fitments.

Alternatively, if you require a mobile fitment(available at additional cost) we can come to you and fit it on site.

Lastly, if you're outside of the metro area please contact us to see how we may arrange the system for you.