Tarp Repairs

Bee Jays Canvas has been in the industry since the early 1980s. We specialise in ‘out of the ordinary’ and large-scale tarpaulin manufacturing. With almost 40 years of experience repairing tarps, we have established ourselves as the leading supplier, repairer, and manufacturer of custom made, quality tarpaulins, for transport, commercial and industrial use.


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Canvas & PVC Repairs Perth

Bee Jays can repair various canvas, poly and PVC tarps, including:

  • Side Curtains
  • Roll Tarps
  • Canopies
  • Wind Out Tarp Systems

We use stitch repairs to patch or replace sections of canvas with our industrial strength machines. These machines use twin needle stitching to securely repair fabric. We even guarantee our fabrics and workmanship.

For PVC repairs we either heat weld (to keep a waterproof seal) or stitch the affected area. We can repair holes and tears as well as replace entire sections depending on what is required.

Our heat welding is performed in a dust extracting aquarium booth which provides greater integrity of the weld through less contamination. We also have specialised heat welding equipment ranging from high frequency, to wedge and hot air welders.

Mobile Tarp Repairs

If you can’t come to us, Bee Jays can come to you. We have four fully equipped vehicles that service the Perth metropolitan area.

For your convenience, most PVC repairs can be carried out on site at your premises in one of Bee Jays’ mobile service units. Smaller repairs that require the use of a PVC patch can be heat welded to the original PVC tarp on the spot. Most side curtain (tautliner) and roll tarp repairs can also usually be fixed on site.

If major repairs are required, they will be taken back to the Bee Jays’ warehouse, as we can provide a more superior and economical repair with the equipment located at our warehouse. 

Contact us to find out if our mobile repair service is suitable for your requirements. 

Large Scale & Custom Tarp Repairs

If you have large scale or custom tarp repair requirements, then look no further then Bee Jays. We specialise in custom and bespoke repair jobs. Bee Jays have taken on many repair jobs deemed ‘too large’ by other repairers. For us, no job is too big!

Bee Jays are the preferred repairer for WA’s largest transport company, performing quality repairs in a timely manner to keep them on the road. “Bee Jays have provided CTI with excellent service and no problem has been too big for them to handle”.

With a large 2000m2 workshop located in the heart of the Welshpool/Kewdale industrial zone and 35 years’ experience, we are equipped for any job, big or small. 

Quality Manufacturing Technology & Fabrics

Over the last 35 years, we’ve discovered the best manufacturing technology and fabrics methods.  Bee Jays use locally sourced canvas and European PVC fabrics. We believe our fabrics are the best available, which is why we are happy to offer a 12-month warranty guarantee on our fabric and 3 years guarantee on our workmanship. 

Check out our testimonials to see what our long-term customers are saying about us.

Spare Parts

Bee Jays not only manufactures and repairs canvas and PVC tarps but we also provide a vast array of spare parts. Having a wide variety of spare parts available means repair jobs are often completed much faster as we aren’t waiting for parts to arrive.

We have everything from ropes and buckles to side curtain parts.

For more information on the spare parts we can provide, please see our spare parts page.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about your requirements, please contact us today.

Delivery & Installation

Bee Jays are the only company in Western Australia to manufacture side curtains. Our custom-made Side Curtains are available for delivery all throughout Western Australia. Inter-state delivery is also available.

Bee Jays are the industry experts in customised truck side curtains. We can help design and install a quality side curtain, which is built to last. Contact out team today, to discuss your requirements.

Tarp Repair FAQs

I have a large custom tarp, can you repair it?

Yes! At Bee Jays we custom make and repair tarps of all sizes. Our large 2000m2 workshop located in Welshpool is equipped to offer repairs on tarps of all sizes. In some instances, we are also able to conduct mobile tarp repairs onsite.

Can I repair my tarp myself?

For a quick solution, some tarps such as hay tarps can be repaired with Bee Jays self-adhesive extra-strong repair tape. However, this doesn’t work for all materials. For a more durable canvas repair job, our team has all the tools and machinery to make your tarp look new again. It's best to leave repairs to the experts.

Can you fix my tarp onsite?

For most repair jobs, Bee Jays offer a mobile repair service. Our team can come out to your site fully equipped to repair PVC tarps. However, if major repairs are required, the tarp may need to be taken back to our warehouse to be repaired by our speciality equipment. To be sure, it’s best to contact us to determine whether your tarp can be repaired at your location.

How do you repair a broken or torn tarp?

Depending on the type of tarp, repairs are conducted in many different ways with different types of tools and machinery. For example, most smaller PVC tarp repair jobs can be repaired with a PVC patch that is then welded back to the original PVC tarp to cover the tear. Canvas tarps on the other hand can be stitched with our industrial-strength machines.

Do you offer warranty tarp repairs?

Bee Jays Canvas offer warranty guarantees on both fabric and workmanship. If you believe your tarp is still under warranty, contact us to find out more.

How fast can you repair tarps?

We understand how important industrial and commercial tarps are, that's why we pride ourselves on our ability to offer fast repairs so you can get them back to use as quickly as possible. The exact time depends on the size and how major repair is required. Contact us to find out more.

When do you have to replace a tarp?

Our tarps are custom made with the highest quality materials to last. When deciding whether to replace a tarp there's a lot of factors to take into consideration including the number of tears, age, material and usage. Before deciding to replace a tarp with a new custom tarp, check with our team to see if PVC or canvas repairs can be made first.