Benefits of Tenacitex Load Restraint Curtains


Tenacitex loose sleeve load restraint curtains are the best truck curtains available on the market both in Australia and internationally. Manufactured by Melbourne based company Polyweld, this space-age webbing provides many benefits to the trucking industry, from improved safety to time and cost savings.

Bee Jays Canvas are the exclusive suppliers of Tenacitex load restraint curtains in Western Australia. Read our top reasons why we recommend them, above the alternatives.

Tenactiex Truck Curtain

What is Tenacitex?

A curtain strap that makes a common a regular truck curtain, into a load restraint system, which eliminates the need for poles and gates.

Strong & Flexible

Tenacitex is made from very strong, low stretch filaments. It has an elongation of less than 2% at break. These filaments give the webbing a breaking strain of over six tonne.

Tenacitex curtains will stop a pallet within 100 millimetres (which is the allowable distance by WorkSafe) without the need for gates. The curtains conform to the load restraint guide of 1400 kg per pallet space for side loads.

Maintains Stability

Tenacitex will hold the freight within the width of the vehicle, so you don’t have your load losing stability. This is a requirement of the Heavy Vehicle Load Restraint Guide, to ensure stability and safety when transporting heavy loads. You can use this on palletised freight where the product will restrain the freight sideways and upwards.

No Gates or Poles

The curtains behave properly. They don’t have fiberglass or carbon fibre or steel or aluminium poles with the curtain – which the wind can catch and damage, or it can be damaged while loading by forklifts.

Retrofit to Any Vehicle

Tenacitex curtains can be retro-fitted to any truck or trailer that is built to industry standards.

Saves You Time

This webbing in the straps is so strong and flexible, you don’t need gates on the truck. In practical terms, this mean you can make more deliveries per day – we have had customers report they can make an extra 1-3 deliveries every day, by not having to open and close the truck gates each delivery.

Compliance Certificate

All Tenacitex Curtains come with an engineer’s Certificate of Load Restraint Compliance.

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Bee Jays Canvas are the exclusive supplier of Tenacitex load restraint curtains in Western Australia. These are custom fitted to your truck or other vehicle. For more information, contact our team today, to discuss your requirements.

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