How to Secure a Ute Tray Tarp

a secured ute tray tarp

Due to Australian laws and regulations changes, you must now cover any unsecured items in the back of your vehicles including small trucks and utes, making a ute tray canopy an essential vehicle accessory. On top of that, it’s also a practical investment if you transport cargo in your ute tray. Therefore, installing a cover is the best way to protect whatever you may have in the back of your truck from the harsh weather conditions, loss, and theft. Keep reading to discover the benefits of a ute tray tarp and how to install one.

Benefits of a Trailer Tarp Cover

There are many advantages of ute and trailer tarp covers that people often overlook. Besides being visually appealing and able to hide a dirty ute bed, there are many practical reasons why every business owner should purchase a ute tray cover:

  • Transport supplies and equipment safely
  • Improve gas mileage with an aerodynamic cover
  • Keep cargo and tools out of sight from thieves
  • Keep the items in the back of the truck organised

What You Need to Secure a Ute Tray Cover

Utes and trailers alike are designed to carry heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions, so you will need accessories that will keep up with the durability of your vehicle and its cover. Depending on the style of ute tray tarp and vehicle, there are various options for securing it, and we offer a wide variety of parts for tarps to make installation a breeze.

We supply a range of truck tray tarp parts, including:

  • Ute tarp clips
  • Ropes
  • Ratchet tensioners and more

Want to learn more about our products and services? Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your unique project requirements!

Step-by-Step Guide to Securing a Ute Tray Cover

Regardless of what you put in the back of your truck, you want to make sure it’s not going anywhere. This is why it’s critical to learn how to secure your ute tray cover properly. Here we’ll give you a simple guide on how to tarp a truck bed so you can ensure your loads aren’t going anywhere. If you’re still unsure how to secure your cover correctly, our team is on hand to provide advice on securing tarps.

Step 1

Lay the tarp flush against the bed of your truck and drape the extra material over the cab. Then, pull on the part draped over the cab until the tarp overhangs your truck or trailer bed.

Step 2

Arrange your load in the bed of your truck so that it’s neat and organised. The items should be placed so that they lay flat and are flush on top to prevent them from shifting around on the road.

Step 3

String bungee cord or rope through the grommets on the sides of the tarp and weave it around to the opposite side. Once you weave the tarp, cinch it down so that it’s just over your load. Leave the top and bottom of the ute tray tarp unwoven.

Step 4

Flip the bottom edge of the tarp over the woven portion, then tie it down to ensure it’s in place. Then, pull the top part down and tuck it under your load.

Step 5

Using the tie-down loops, tie the tarp with and cinch the rope over the top of it. Depending on your model of the ute, you may have two or three pairs of tie-down loops inside your ute tray.

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Today, having a truck tarp cover is not only mandatory but also beneficial. A strong cover will ensure that your cargo is secured and protected from theft, harsh weather conditions, and even the loss of expensive equipment.

Bee Jays Canvas is the top custom tarp specialist for businesses in Western Australia if you need a durable truck, ute or trailer tarp cover. We’ve been supplying truck tarps for almost 40 years, and our premium covers are made to order. You can ensure your cover is customised to fit your vehicles perfectly. Contact us today or visit our warehouse to find out more.

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