10 Modified Shipping Container Ideas

shipping container uses

Shipping containers are more than just a way to get your goods from point A to point B. They can make for great temporary shipping container storage or an excellent home, depending on the situation. The use of shipping containers is growing at an exponential rate with many companies around the world using them for various purposes other than cargo transport.

From people who want a secondary dwelling space, like a vacation cabin or guest house, to those who need something to store goods in on a construction or mine site. Whether you’re in a DIY mood, need to repurpose a shipping container or want to discover some cost-effective modified shipping container ideas, here are 10 popular shipping container uses!

1) Shipping Container House

shipping container house

When thinking about renovated shipping containers, the most popular modification is a shipping container house. Tiny houses have started to take over. More and more people are looking to take on a more minimalist lifestyle and are starting with their homes. Shipping container homes are popular because they are weatherproof, sustainable and can be used for many different purposes such as a granny flat or as a holiday home.

2) Shipping Container Swimming Pool

shipping container swimming pool

Yes, shipping container pools exist! They’re a great way for people to be able to affordably add a swimming pool into their yard. Unlike a traditional below ground swimming pool, the outlay of costs for a shipping container pool is much less, and this gives you more money to put into custom features like landscaping. These modified shipping containers have become so popular, that you can now buy container pools that are all ready to go.

Image Source: Shipping Container Pools

3) Dome Cover

shipping container dome shelter from bee jays canvas

When looking for mine site shipping container uses, the dome shelter is popular. Container dome covers consist of two shipping containers and an industrial dome tarp that creates a sheltered and protected area beneath. They are popular because the shipping containers’ galvanised steel and dome tarp can withstand the harshest of conditions. They also serve as a shelter during a hot sunny day and can also keep machinery stored when not in use. A great cost-effective and multi-functional solution.

4) Mine or Construction Site Storage

shipping container storage on a construction site.

Looking for shipping container storage options? Shipping containers can help protect your assets and machinery on mine and construction sites. They offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional storage methods like sheds and demountable buildings. Plus, they are durable and can handle the harsh Australian environment and weather conditions. Looking for added protection? Container tarps are weatherproof and designed to withstand the high demands of the mining industry.

5) Shipping Container Accommodation

image of shipping container accommodation

If a shipping container can be used as a container home, it can certainly be used as accommodation! Just like a shipping container home, these containers can be fitted with electrical fittings to provide short term accommodation options. Perfect for both mine site employees and tourist parks alike. They can be fitted out to fit your individual needs and purpose.

6) Food Stall Container

a shipping container that is now use as a restaurant or food stand.

You’ve heard of food trucks but what about shipping container food stalls? Leasing commercial space can be costly. This is why renovated shipping containers are perfect for use as stalls or restaurants. Worried about transportation? Use a smaller shipping container on a trailer and you have a mobile food truck.

7) Shipping Container Site Offices

image of a shipping container modified into a site office

Shipping containers are perfect for use as office or storage containers on construction sites. They are a weatherproof and durable solution. It is an economical solution for larger construction companies as they can easily be transported to a new site once a project is complete. Add power modifications and furniture and you are good to go.

8) Portable Toilets

image of modified shipping container portable toilets

Add some modifications to your shipping container and it can easily become a toilet block complete with all the necessary power and plumbing needed. This is a great solution for festivals, events, construction sites and more. Once you are done with them, they can easily be moved on to the next site.

9) Workshop

shipping container workshop

Shipping containers can be fitted with shelving and power outlets so you can create a workshop. The great thing about shipping container workshops is that you can tailor them specifically to your needs. If you want a workshop with more space to work, add shelves as necessary. If your primary use is storage only, remove the shelving and add racks for bins instead. If you need it accessible 24/7, have your shipping container fitted with an access door rather than a roller door. The versatility of shipping containers means the opportunities are endless.

Image Source: Container Traders

10) Home Office

modified shipping container as home office

With work from home becoming more common, people are wanting to separate their workspace from their living space. Popular shipping container uses include the shipping container home office. It’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time working from home and have the backyard space to create an extra room. Worried about the heat in summer? Once powered up, you can easily install a split system air conditioning unit inside to keep you cool.

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