Top Uses for Heavy Duty Tarps

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Heavy duty tarps are used for a variety of applications, commonly in the transport, building, mining and construction industries. Heavy duty tarps are made from building grade materials, such as canvas or high-density polyethylene. The type of tarp fabric used is dependant upon the size and use of the heavy duty tarp. If you are unsure what type of tarp is nest suited for your use, contact an expert to discuss your unique requirements.

When deciding on the right heavy-duty tarp, you should consider what its intended purpose will be. Some of the top uses for heavy duty tarps include:

Emergency Protection from the Elements

Through no fault of your own, you may experience damage to your building due to storm damage, such as heavy rains or winds. Heavy duty tarps are an excellent short-term solution to help protect your building and its contents while repairs are made.

Emergency services and insurers will arrange short or long-term hire of heavy-duty tarps, to ensure no further damage is caused.

Bee Jays Canvas recently created a custom heavy duty tarp to protect the escalator being built at the new Perth Airport Train Station. The builders required protection for the new escalator, while the roof was being completed, to protect from the elements. You can check out the installation video in our recent custom tarp article here.

Mining & Industrial

Custom heavy-duty tarps are essential at most construction and mine sites for many varied uses. Heavy duty tarps are great for protecting unfinished scaffolding on site, along with covering large holes dug for foundations or pipes.

Heavy duty tarps can also be used to cover construction equipment left on site, or to enclose areas with open sided roof structures. Another use is as dividing curtains in workshops.

Ship Building & Offshore

The ship building and off-shore industries work in some of the toughest environments and will often need bespoke heavy duty tarps to protect equipment. The heavy-duty tarps need to be resistant to all sorts of weather conditions, from wind and rain to sand and heat.

Some examples of heavy duty tarps in offshore use include:

  • Hot Work Enclosures – heavy duty tarps constructed from flame-retarded fabrics
  • Offshore Container Tarpaulins – top covers for cargo containers
  • Sub-Sea cable and pipe covers – protection in sub-zero temps
  • Pipe and cable reel covers – breathable tarps which protect from UV damage


The transport industry is heavily reliant on heavy duty tarps to protect transport loads and provide safe deliveries. Truck tarps can be used for any load made with strong, durable, and easy to handle materials for every type of hauling including flatbeds and dump trucks.

Truck tarps need to be able to withstand the elements, frequent wear and tear, and heavy loads. They also need to be easily accessible, enable quick and safe deliveries. Bee Jays recommends tenacitex load restraint curtains, which are a curtain strap manufactured with high grade mesh that can withstand heavy loads and make accessing the load quick and safe.

Bee Jays Canvas are a leading supplier of heavy-duty tarps, which can be tailored to suit your requirements. Short and long term tarp hire and tarp repairs are also available from our Welshpool Warehouse. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your requirements today.

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