Types of Mining Trucks & Equipment


Mining companies of all sizes can run into problems if they aren’t using modern equipment, such as robust and effective mining trucks and blasting tools. Investing in high-quality machinery can yield superior results and overall higher financial returns. This article outlines the most notable types of mining trucks, tools, and equipment necessary to run a successful mining operation. In order to keep up with competitors, it is essential to remain up to date on the current best practices and machinery in the industry.

Mining Trucks and Equipment You Need for Your Projects

There are several pieces of essential heavy-duty equipment that mining companies use on a daily basis alongside their mining trucks. This equipment includes:

Blasting Tools

Blasting tools use pressurized air to propel abrasive materials such as sand or steel, onto a surface. These tools, which include sandblasters and shot blasters, are typically used to smooth out rough surfaces, alter the shape of a surface, or to remove debris. When it comes to removing debris, mining companies often use blasting tools like the s-blaster to loosen and remove smaller pockets of unwanted materials from a site. An excavator recovers the blasted rocks and debris so the material can be moved to the surface using a conveying system, and then hauled offsite by mining trucks.

Mining Drills

Mining drills are an integral part of underground mining operations, as they’re essential for dislodging rocks and other minerals. Additionally, if a miner has to go underground to work, the drills ensure passageways are big enough for the miners to pass through safely.

Crushing Equipment

Mining companies use crushing equipment to boost their productivity levels, as the equipment can break up larger pieces of rock with ease. This equipment breaks down the rock into pieces that are easier to load into mining trucks for transport. Crushing equipment reduces the costs associated with working with larger materials.

Crushing equipment is particularly useful for strip mining, which uses open-pit mining to locate and extract coal or ore. In these mining operations, conveyors bring the materials to the mining trucks for transport. Crushing equipment lowers the use of excavated resources while eliminating the material amount at the site.


Earthmovers carry loose earth and soil from point A to point B in above-ground mining operations. Mining companies use this equipment to dig, push, and transport the earth. Earthmovers are specifically designed to make large mining and earthmoving projects run more efficiently, as long delays trying to ready a site for operations can be costly.

The mining industry would struggle to survive without earthmovers. Popular uses for this equipment include removing waste material and debris, and readying sites for new projects. To accomplish these goals, mining companies routinely use:

Bulldozers – Bulldozers allow companies to move overburden material to create a working surface for mining trucks or excavators.

Dump Trucks – Dump trucks are an excellent way to load up a large amount of debris and excess dirt and haul it away.

Excavators – Mining companies use excavators to reach the ore, coal, or any other material the company needs for their current project. Excavators are used to easily haul bucket fulls of earth to conveyor belts or dump trucks so that they can be transported to the processing site.

Roll Tarps and Industrial Tarps for Mining Trucks

Industrial tarps are critical in all types of mining operations. Outfitting your mining trucks with bespoke tarps protects the load from the elements during transport by sealing, covering, and containing the materials.

Alongside being able to close off open-sided roof structures, and creating makeshift work stations for employees, industrial tarps are also a reliable investment. High-quality tarps reduce overall maintenance costs due to their ability to prevent wear and tear while equipment is idle or being transported.

Roll tarps are also essential because they can protect the load from elements, while also keeping it secure if the mining truck tips. This keeps mining operations running smoothly, as spills can compromise the project schedule. This is especially important for small-scale operations that can’t afford delays or setbacks. Conveniently, roll tarps also come custom-sized, which further ensures that there are no gaps in protection.

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Conveying, Feeding, and On-Line Elemental Analysis Equipment

Conveying and feeding equipment are necessary for the mining industry to control the flow of materials. The process begins with conveyor belts bringing the raw materials to the mining trucks. These belt scale systems are essential for allowing companies to monitor their production output and their inventory. They also provide essential information that ensures a mining business runs efficiently.

Elemental cross-belt analysers give mining companies real-time quality analysis of various process streams. When materials land on the troughed conveyor belt, an automatic sampling system can quickly and easily take a sample directly from the load.

If a mining operation uses flow measurement systems, this gives them real-time flow data from the dense phase of free-falling materials. Flow measurement systems allow for the precise monitoring of minerals. This system also measures bulk solids, ensuring product quality.

Once the conveyor belt brings the materials to the mining trucks, the trucks are then brought to the processor. This is where high-quality feeding equipment becomes crucial, as the equipment controls and conveys the feed rate into the crusher, and therefore improves the efficiency of the machine. It is important that every piece of equipment in this process is operating at its highest capacity to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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