Side Curtains

They are available in a range of colours and we can help arrange Graphics or Digital Printing and even Painting to promote your corporate brand.Load Restraining Curtains – Using specially manufactured inelastic straps, these certified restraints make the curtains tight and easy to handle ensuring you save time and money. Insulated Curtains for refrigerated transportation. Insulation material consists of a layer of air cells laminated to a layer of aluminium foil. These two materials provide both heat-reflective and insulation properties.

Sign covers and Sign pockets for Dangerous Goods can be made to suit. Stencilling is another service provided that identifies your property helping to prevent costly loss and theft.


Both PVC and Canvas covers are customised for any Utility, Truck or Trailer. Bee Jays “made to measure’ canopies can be manufactured in a choice of colours, materials and are tailored to your needs.Custom options include roll ups side and rear, clear pvc windows, with or without mesh, pressure vents, zips and horn seals for roof racks.

Wind Out System

Front to rear wind out tarps for both End and Side tippers are catered for in either manual or automated systems. Supply and fitting of hardware can be arranged. Available in a range of colours we used only the highest quality PVC fabric on the market which in ensures reliability and durability.

Bulkhead Partitions

Movable partitions for separating different load areas. Used primarily for refrigeration purposes.

Container Tarps

Bee Jays measure, manufacture and install Ripstop PVC tarps to fit either a 40 foot or 20 foot container. Cable to suit is also available.

Roll Tarps

Manufactured and installed for any size body. We have a Side to Side system to handle your requirements. All hardware including poles, handles, tarpons, uni-joints, yokes, splines and front and rear flaps can be supplied and fitted if required.

Truck Tarps

Bee Jays are the truck tarp specialists and each is customised, meaning you choose with our expert advice on an array of options. Using various commercial grade materials which all have their own distinct properties, we can advise which advantages are applicable to your usage.

General Use Tarps

New or second hand tarpaulins for just about any application are available. We specialise in General Industrial, Rural and Roofing tarps.

Sand Tarps

Custom made from Commercial grade Shadecloth or industrial mesh. They can be designed to accommodate both your hoist and rear hinges if required.